A.C.T.S. Drug Education

Our alcohol and drug education program offers a holistic approach to the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of a person struggling with alcohol or chemical abuse. Participants will be empowered to confront challenges and develop problem-solving skills for life.

Anger Management

Our anger-management course explores the cause and effect of anger. Participants discover how his or her history, family relationships, and relationships with others influences reactions. Then, helpful skills and techniques to control anger are provided, and the students are instructed on how to use these tools in a constructive and creative manner when dealing with anger.

Finance Management

Our finance course offers basic financial skills like how to open a checking account, prepare a budget, write checks, properly use debit/credit cards, reconcile their check register against a bank statement, apply for a loan, and check interest rates.

Employment Development

Our employee development course offers students the opportunity to complete job applications, prepare resumes, and practice interviewing skills like how to dress properly for an interview in order to make a good first impression.


Our marriage course focuses on building positive relationships with family members and others. Other topics include domestic violence, work place conflict, positive parenting skills, and marital counseling. We encourage people to spend quality time on building a lasting marriage!


Our parenting course is an interactive curriculum that encourages parents to take an active role in raising children. Parents are encouraged to meet the child’s physical, emotional, and mental needs. Being a parent is one of our biggest jobs—and this course can help!

Life in Focus Education offers charitable community service to people in need regardless of language, status, or culture. The dedicated efforts of trained men and women provide resourceful seminars, one-on-one teaching, and support groups to help rebuild communities one person at a time.

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