What is Life In Focus Education?

Life In Focus Education, created in 2004, is a charity-based community assistance program that offers training and course studies in Drug Education, Anger Management, Finance Management, Grant Writing, and Employment Development.

Where is Life In Focus Education located?

Life In Focus Education headquarters is located at:

5021 Curtis Clark Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78411

Life In Focus Education...what happened to the ACTS (Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series) Program?

In 2004, we introduced new courses of study that fit under the umbrella of what ACTS
represented.  We felt that in order to maintain the ACTS program’s integrity, a new umbrella
name would need to be created; therefore Life In Focus Education was created and introduced
for our charity-based community assistance programs, with ACTS as its drug education course.

What is the difference between ACTS and Life In Focus Education?

Life In Focus Education is simply an umbrella name where ACTS is the Drug Education program under this umbrella.

Who is the director of Life In Focus Education?

Rod Carpenter of Corpus Christi, TX is the National Director and creator of Life In Focus Education. He can be reached at 361-992-7494 or via email at [email protected].

What is a State/District Life In Focus Education Coordinator?

A District Life In Focus Education Coordinator is an appointed position by its District Board Members, who is responsible for conducting live District seminars; contacting state, city and county officials to register Life In Focus Education within the state; and aiding and assisting each certified Life In Focus Education instructor to help meet their needs/requests.

What is a Regional Life In Focus Education Coordinator?

A Regional Life In Focus Education Coordinator is an appointed position by the Life in Focus Education Board, who is responsible for conducting live seminars in their regional areas where there are no State/District Coordinators; aiding and assisting each State/District Coordinator within each region with problematic issues; contacting state, city and county officials to register Life In Focus Education within the states of their region; and work to unify the work of Life In Focus Education throughout the districts in their region.

How do I locate a District or Regional Coordinator?

Regional and State/District Coordinators are listed on the Life In Focus Website under Regional Coordinators and State/District Coordinators.

How can I renew my Life In Focus Education badge?

Renewal forms are sent out via email or mail the previous month of the badge’s expiration date. If you are in need of a form, forms are located on the website under Forms. Simply follow the instructions given on the how to get started page.

How much does it cost to renew my badge?

Renewal fee is $20. This includes the recording of ALL your endorsements and shipping/handeling. Only the endorsements on-file will renew that are less than 3 months past the expiration date. If over 3 months, but not more than 6 months past the expiration, the renewal fee is $25.

How do I become certified in Life In Focus Education programs?

In order to become fully certified, a participant must go through the necessary training, pay applicable fees, and purchase any materials needed to complete certification. These guidelines can be located on the website under How to get started.

Who makes the decision regarding my Life In Focus Education certification?

The National Director, along with the Life in Focus Education Board, have set the guidelines on licensing requirements.

Are all Life In Focus Education applications approved?

The majority of Life In Focus Education participants will receive full certification; however, there are imperative requirements that are sometimes not met by a participant, resulting in the applications being rejected or delayed.

What would cause an application to rejected/delayed?

Because of the stringent guidelines, the most common reason for rejecting an application is that the applicant failed to acquire a UPCI pastor’s signature. However, due to the nature of some courses, if the applicant misses too many questions on their test/essay questions, our decision is based on the possibility that the applicant’s knowledge of the program may not be strong enough to teach. Another reason is failure to submit the necessary items – all application pages, a 2×2 inch photo, necessary fees. For more information see How to get started.

What happens if my application is not approved, and what are my options?

Because many of the items listed above are fixable, sometimes the applications are not rejected permanently, but only delayed. If the applicant can provide those needed items, the application will be placed on hold until those items are provided. If the application is rejected due to lack of knowledge of the program, repeating the training course may be necessary and a recommendation letter from the pastor is required.

How much does it cost to become certified?

Once you completed the CORE Training and the Specialized course you are seeking certification in, the following fees apply

  • Anger Management Implementation $20
  • Employment Development $20
  • ACTS (Drug Education) $25

How long does it take to go through the courses to become certified?

Each certification course is 1-1 1/2 hours long, with the exception of the Core Training, which is 2 hours, and Grant Writing, which is 2 1/2 hours long. So depending on how many courses you take, will depend on the total certification time needed.

If my application is approved, what do I receive showing I have completed the certification?

Once approved, you will receive a welcome letter, completion certificate, and badge – listing each certification completed.

If approved, how long should I expect my completed certification?

This process normally takes 2 weeks form the time the applicant mails their application; this includes Life In Focus Education mailing as well.

Where do I submit my Life In Focus Education application once I’m finished?

Once signatures are acquired, pictures are attached, all applications and forms are ready, and license fees are included, these items should be mailed to Life In Focus Education, 5021 Curtis Clark Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78411 OR log onto www.lifeinfocus.org and go to the store tab.

This will send you to the place where you can purchase your certifications and give your instructions for scanning/faxing your completed application.

What courses does Life In Focus Education offer?

Currently Life In Focus Education offers:

  • Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series (ACTS)
  • Anger Management
  • Employment Development

Why does the online Life In Focus Education brochure offer courses that are not available yet?

The Life In Focus Education brochures was developed at the beginning of the creation of Life In Focus, to give an overview of what the entity represents and what it will be offering. We are aware that all of the courses described in the brochure are not available as yet; however, we want to promote that we will continue to strive to provide the best possible resources available by eventually offering all of the courses listed in the brochure.

Where can I find a live seminar for my area?

Live Seminars will be listed on our website under Calendar or you can always contact your State/District or Regional Coordinator to book a Live Seminar.

Who is able to teach live seminars?

Only authorized State/District, Regional Coordinators, or an approved evangelist listed on our website are able to teach live seminars.

The Life In Focus Education Administrative Team advised me that I cannot purchase a specific item, why is that?

Some items are restricted to certified instructors ONLY. In order to protect the integrity of the program, some Instructor Manuals can only be purchased by currently licensed instructors, because those who have completed their certifications are the only ones that should be teaching.

What materials can be used for promotional purposes?

Our website lists a few items that can be used for promotional purposes (listed under forms). The ACTS tracts, the Life In Focus Education brochure, and also the ACTS presentation package).

Where can I find a Life In Focus Education class?

Life In Focus Education classes can be found on our website under Find A Location. Each state that is highlighted has their classes listed.

Where can I find the forms I need for Life In Focus?

The Life In Focus Education website lists all of the forms needed to complete certification, renewal, and also to enhance your classes. These forms are located under the Forms tab.